We are always looking to add photos, stories, about the good times from the past and present.

Blasts from the past about bowling from our area.


Bowling Centers that are no longer, still here but new names, others just keep marching on.


Y-Bowl                                                                                    12 Lanes         Junction City        (gone)

Willamette Lanes ---- New Willametttes Lanes                               8 Lanes         Oakridge       (gone)

Cottage Bowl                                                                             6 Lanes         Cottage Grove     (gone)

Liberty Lanes                                                                           12 Lanes         Cottage Grove  (gone)

Empire Bowl                                                                             12 Lanes        Eugene   (gone)

Springfield Lanes                                                                      16 Lanes        Springfield  (gone)

Eugene Recreation Bowl (Upstairs across from McDonald Theater) 12 Lanes        Eugene  (gone)

EMU   (basement)                                                                     12 Lanes        U of O, Eugene  (gone)

U Bowl (basement) -- New U Bowl -- Webfoot --Southtowne          16 Lanes        Eugene

Bowling Green ---Liberty Lanes --- Cottage Bowl                           12 Lanes        Cottage Grove

North Douglas Lanes --- Family Fun Bowling                                  6 Lanes        Drain

Fairfield Lanes ----  STrike City Lanes                                          24 Lanes        Eugene

Firs Bowl   (started as 12 lanes)                                                 24 Lanes        Eugene

Emerald Lanes                                                                         24 Lanes        Eugene

Timber Bowl  (started as 8 lanes)                                   16 Lanes      Springfield